This is probably the most exciting news you will read today, so make sure to read every line. Salvatore Leggiero, a well-known Italian real estate developer, after 50 successful real estate operations, intends to contribute to the world of digital real estate as well. That’s why he decided to build the world’s first Bitcoin Tower in the DeXagon Metaverse. “It will be a tower entirely dedicated to the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin! And other buildings dedicated to other cryptocurrencies will follow,” says Leggiero. “The apartments will be sold in the form of NFTs, which will offer lucky buyers a unique and extraordinary living experience, as well as important earning opportunities.” The project has been entrusted to the famous architect Simone Micheli, who has already built over 100 hotels around the world in the real world, and will use a logic and concept completely different from traditional constructions. It is about creating virtual environments that allow for experiences never imagined before! “I can only be enthusiastic about this challenge and grateful to Metaverse Investments of Dubai and its technical team led by Ing. Alberto Antonelli. Such an innovative idea and such an experienced and all-Italian team are a guarantee that we will create a digital real estate product of the highest quality, which will certainly represent an innovation and an excellent investment opportunity for buyers.”