The DeXa Coin represents a milestone in the evolution of the Metaverse and decentralized economy. As the native token of the DeXagon Metaverse ecosystem, the DeXa Coin has a wide range of functions that will change the way investors interact with the Metaverse.

Firstly, the DeXa Coin will have a governance function, which means that investors who hold the token will have voting rights and can participate in decisions related to the future of the DeXagon Metaverse. This will ensure that the investor community has an active role in shaping the future directions of the ecosystem, allowing for greater engagement and transparency.

Furthermore, the DeXa Coin will act as a digital gold within the DeXagon Metaverse. This means that investors will be able to use the token as a means of exchange within the ecosystem, as a unit of account for goods and services offered within the Metaverse.

The intrinsic value of the DeXa Coin will increase as the adoption of the DeXagon Metaverse grows, making it a highly attractive investment option for investors.

Holding the token will provide access to a range of benefits and opportunities reserved for holders, such as access to premium content and exclusive services, which can be used to obtain virtual assets and other highly rare resources within the DeXagon ecosystem.

In this way, the DeXa Coin offers investors the opportunity to fully leverage the DeXagon Metaverse ecosystem, opening up new investment opportunities and economic growth.

Get in on the Ground Floor: Secure Your DeXa Coin Investment Through Decentralized Launchpad Auction

The DeXa Coin auction will be conducted through a decentralized Launchpad, which allows users to purchase the token directly through the blockchain. A decentralized Launchpad is a platform that offers investment opportunities for newly issued tokens.

During the auction, a total of 3,000,000 DeXa Coins will be placed in the market in the three rounds.

In the first round, 800,000 DeXa Coins will be sold at a price of $ 0.80 cents each. In the second round, 1,2 million DeXa Coins will be available at a price of $ 1.00 each. Finally, in the third round, 1 million DeXa Coins will be available at a price of $ 1.20 each.

Each round will have a limited number of DeXa Coins available for purchase, and users will be able to purchase a limited number of tokens in each round. This means that users will need to act quickly to purchase the tokens, as the number of available tokens will be limited and demand will be high.

Purchasing DeXa Coins through the decentralized Launchpad will be a safe and transparent process, in which users will be guaranteed to receive the purchased token on their blockchain wallet. This way, investors can participate in the DeXa Coin auction in a simple and secure way, and take advantage of the growing adoption of the DeXagon Metaverse.

How Lockup and Auction Regulation Secure Your Investment: The Smart Way to Avoid Market Volatility and Scams

Lockup and auction regulation are two important aspects of issuing new tokens. In particular, lockup refers to the practice of locking newly purchased tokens for a certain period of time. This period of time is established by the vesting contract, an agreement that regulates how tokens can be moved and sold on the market.

Lockup is a measure adopted to avoid volatility in token prices on the market. If all the tokens purchased during the auction were sold immediately, there would be huge pressure on the price, leading to massive token sales and a consequent decrease in their value. Moreover, it could be very damaging to investors who have just purchased the
tokens, as they could suffer significant losses.

For this reason, the vesting contract stipulates that tokens purchased during the auction be locked up for a period of 9 months. This means that users will not be able to move tokens from their wallet for at least 9 months after purchase. At the end of this period, users can sell only 5% of the total number of tokens they own each month.

This practice is an important measure to create security in an unregulated market. Since the token market is still relatively new and unregulated, there are many opportunities for scams and unethical behavior.

The vesting contract is designed to protect DeXagon investors and users from the risks associated with purchasing tokens and price fluctuations on the market.

Introducing DeXa Coin: The Comprehensive Tokenomics Plan

DeXa Coin (DXC) is a BEP-20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain with a maximum supply of 10.800.000 DXC.

The project involves the sale of 3.000.000 DXC during the 3 auction rounds. These tokens will be sold fairly and transparently, giving all investors an equal chance to participate in the purchase of DXC. The token sale during the auction will take place according to the ascending auction model, with the initial bid set in a way to incentivize early purchase.

3.000.000 DXC have already been sold to institutional investors with a lockup contract. This sale has allowed to finance the initial development of the project, while ensuring that a significant amount of DXC tokens remain locked up for a defined period of time. This is aimed at stabilizing the token price and preventing massive selling by institutional investors, which could cause a significant decrease in token value.

In addition, 1,000,000 DXC will be used to serve as a market maker in the Liquidity Pool, creating more liquidity and less harmful speculation during the entire startup phase.

3.000.000 DXC will be used to support the project, including product development, marketing, trading competitions, and other uses for incentivization. The DeXa Coin team commits to using these funds responsibly, with the goal of accelerating project development and increasing token visibility on the market.

800.000 DXC will be allocated to the core team, contributors, and partners. These tokens will be given to individuals who have actively contributed to the project’s growth and evolution. This incentivization mechanism aims to reward those who have done significant work for the project and ensure that the team and contributors continue to actively engage in growing the token’s value.

Additionally, DXC tokens will be used as a means of payment for transactions within the DeXagon Metaverse. This means that the token’s value will be supported by the value of real services sold in the Metaverse, making it a useful and functional token for its users.

In summary, the DeXa Coin tokenomics has been designed to ensure a fair and transparent distribution of tokens, prevent massive token selling, stabilize token price, incentivize project development, and reward those who have actively contributed to its success.

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