Diogene: The Future of Metaverse Experience

Diogene, the VR headset from DeXagon, provides an unparalleled virtual reality experience with its cutting-edge technology and advanced features.

DeXagon has been working on the development of a revolutionary VR headset called Diogene since 2017. The unique composition of the team working on Diogene sets it apart from other VR headset developers. With a diverse background that includes visual and concept designers, architects, visionaries, Web 3.0 experts, philosophers, and computational scientists, DeXagon is poised to create a VR headset that is not only technologically advanced but also has a philosophical and visionary approach.

This combination of skills and knowledge will allow DeXagon to create a VR headset that is not just an advanced piece of technology, but also a tool for exploring new concepts and ideas. The goal is to bring a new level of immersion and sensory experience to the metaverse, which will push the boundaries of what is possible in virtual reality.

The idea behind Diogene is to break free from the confines of visual experiences in the metaverse and bring a sense of perception that goes beyond sight.

The main chip powering Diogene is SILVA, which has the ability to read, modulate and interpret brain waves, thereby allowing for a full senses immersion.

To control the headset, DeXagon has introduced The Bolt, a special ring that acts as the interface between the user and the VR world. This combined with the sensors net that can be worn like a cap, Diogene will provide a new concept of metaverse that is based on intuitive and immersive experiences.


Here is a roadmap of what to expect from Diogene from 2018 to 2028:


Development of SILVA and The Bolt begins, with a focus on creating a more intuitive and immersive experience for users.


Completion of the sensors net


Prototyping of Diogene begins, and early adopters have the opportunity to test the headset and provide feedback.


Internal testing of Diogene begins


Based on feedback from early adopters, final touches are made to Diogene, and production ramps up in preparation for its release.


Beta testing with a select group of users


The final release of Diogene, the VR headset that will change the way we experience the metaverse forever.

DeXagon is committed to bringing a new level of immersion to the metaverse and Diogene is the first step in that direction. With the ability to experience the concept of “home” in a more intuitive and immersive way, the future of the metaverse looks bright. The release of Diogene is slated for Q2 2028 and is expected to change the way we experience the virtual world.