It’s born: in your eyes, under your skin. It’s the immersiverse.

Reality vs. Metaverse: a challenge that sees on one side a space of Known Experiences, where we usually live, and a new space go Ignote, full of possibilities.

Discover Diogene: The Future of Metaverse Experience

Diogene, the VR headset from DeXagon, provides an unparalleled virtual reality experience with its cutting-edge technology and advanced features.


At Dexagon we want to open the Gate to the Virtual Life, revealing a new way of approaching the virtual world.  It’s a new approach that involves all the senses, bringing you in a complete different experience: the immersiverse.

A brief History


The word “Metaverse” was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash”


Second Life starts to spread the concept of a new universe where evolve an avatar.


High Fidelity is a virtual reality platform for users to create, deploy, visit, and interact with virtual worlds along with other users.


Real Estate Business Opportunities finally starts.


As more of our lives are spent online, it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish “real” life from life lived digitally. for this reason we are creating A NEW REALITY AS THE REALITY.

A new Experience

A Metaverse created as an environment that is always online, with all platforms and/or worlds connected and open to all.

Landing to a New World

A place where our digital and physical lives converge; creativity is limitless; and location-defying worlds bring people together.

Easy to Access

A fully immersive experience where your avatar is ready to live fluidly and with no limitations of actions.

Hyper Realistic

High resolution and detailed reality will create the realistic environment to multiply the perceptions and the experience.

A whole new Strategy

Developing the urban criteria, guidelines and masterplanning with the aim to generate differentiation and create value.

Urban Real Estate

The properties will be organized and distributed along the masterplan in order to create a real estate environment with prices and scale of investments to satisfy a wider range of buyers.
The mechanism of urban development will generate revenue for the investors and will be based on off-plan sale strategy.

Ultra Design

Hyper-realism and design approaches are the keys to maximizing the experience and attracting investors and users.

Research and development to identify a new contemporary style, parametric design to generate smooth shapes leaving to ultra-luxury lifestyle.

Natural Scenography

Properties are organized and built on natural environments to create different experiences and to rise the value of the investment.

The users will interact with people at the same time, and experience the ultimate luxury stunning landscapes.

Virtuous Circle

The main idea is to create value by radial circles where the center hosts the properties with higher prices and the periphery is lower.

In this way it starts to attract different types of buyers and investors and can activate a virtuous circle.

Masterplan Concept

The new magnificent world.

The cities

Adaptive polycentric cities.

Housing themes

Stunning design. Experience the luxury of an amazing natural environment.

Non-stop research and development

Dexagon has been working on creating something unique for years. This gives life to a high-level research activity which also involved the development of cutting-edge devices and solutions for the use of the metaverse in its fullness.

Empowering Innovation Through Strategic Partnerships

La collaborazione è al centro di ciò che facciamo.

Favoriamo un ambiente in cui le idee scorrono liberamente, la creatività viene liberata e le joint venture diventano catalizzatori per risultati rivoluzionari. Attraverso alleanze strategiche, miriamo non solo a soddisfare le aspettative, ma a superarle.


Blurring Boundaries: Dexagon’s Revolution in VR Technology

Blurring Boundaries: Dexagon’s Revolution in VR Technology

The relentless pursuit of innovation at Dexagon has led to the development of the remarkable Diogene headset, a tool that transcends conventional limits of Virtual Reality (VR). It’s not just an immersive experience; it’s a sensory voyage that allows users to feel and interact directly with the digital and virtual environments, offering a novel perspective to the world of VR.

Gaming Reimagined: The Sensory Odyssey with Diogene

Gaming Reimagined: The Sensory Odyssey with Diogene

The gaming industry is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation with the introduction of Dexagon’s Diogene headset. This innovation allows users to immerse themselves in vibrant gaming worlds, enabling them to experience an array of sensations and interact with the environment using advanced brain-reading technology.

A brief Glossary


The capacity for virtual experiences, possessions and identities to travel unchanged across platforms.

Web 3.0

A decentralized, block- chain-based internet that will enable a seamless fusion of virtual and physical life.


A continuity of existence; the continuation of virtual life regardless of whether people are online or offline.


Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are community-led digital organizations that run on blockchain technology.


Distribution of ownership—the idea that the metaverse will not be regulated or run by a single corporation or individual.

Extended reality

An umbrella term encompassing augmented, virtual and mixed realities.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital certificates of authenticity that will form the basis of digital owner- ship.


A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the consensus of the network.

Digital twins

Physical spaces that have been cloned in the virtual world to promote familiarity and efficiency.

Liminal spaces

A new generation of gathering spaces and event locales that incorporate both physical and virtual elements.

Virtual teleportation

A new technologically enabled form of travel or collaboration that uses multi-sensory and photorealistic renderings to make you feel as though you’re in the same room as someone who could be halfway around the (physical) world.

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