A new year is coming, the year of the final consecration of the Metaverse. But we want to propose a different concept that will open a gate between reality and virtuality.

The Dexagon logo is a modern and sleek design that represents the cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions offered by the company.

The logo features a hexagon shape, which is symbolic of the company’s focus on precision and accuracy in their work. The hexagon is also a common shape found in nature, such as in honeycomb cells, and represents the company’s commitment to working in harmony with the natural world.

The hexagon is designed with a slick touch of black and grey which are often associated with technology and innovation. The overall image represents trust, reliability and intelligence, while the green color represents growth, harmony and safety.

The letter “D” is cleverly incorporated into the design of the hexagon, representing the company’s name and further emphasizing the precision and attention to detail that is central to the company’s brand.

The overall design of the Dexagon logo is simple, yet striking and memorable. It effectively communicates the company’s mission and values to customers and partners, and is easily recognizable in the marketplace.