Dexagon is proud to announce the partnership between the Company and Sergio Alberti, a major Real Estate guru and expert. Sergio Alberti spent his career to build relationships and businesses towards the future and with innovation as main core. Now, this partnership will involve the creation and sale of NFTs that represent virtual real estate agencies within the Dexagon Metaverse. These NFTs would likely function as licenses, allowing the owner to operate a virtual real estate agency within the metaverse, and potentially buy, sell, and trade virtual land lots.

Sergio Alberti, being a real estate expert, will bring valuable expertise to the partnership, helping to design and develop the virtual real estate agencies and the related NFTs, and also potentially providing a real-world context and understanding of the virtual real estate market within the metaverse.

This partnership could potentially open up new opportunities and possibilities within the Dexagon Metaverse, allowing users to not only explore and interact with the virtual world but also own and operate virtual real estate agencies, and potentially buy and sell virtual land lots. This can bring in more opportunities for the users to monetize their virtual assets, and also for the virtual real estate agencies to increase their revenue.

What are the advantages for those who have already purchased or will decide to purchase NFT licenses?

At this moment, since the real Metaverse is not yet ready, buying an NFT license for Real Estate can guarantee four opportunities:

1. One or more NFTs are purchased because, being a very scarce digital asset, they are suitable for speculating about earning a capital gain;

2. They are bought today at an infinitely low price compared to the potential future so they can be resold with super profits when the Metaverse is real;

3. They can be purchased today at a low price to ensure that you can operate as a Real Estate Agency in the Metaverse without investing huge amounts of money in the future;

4. They are bought and held to get a distribution of profits when the lands of land are sold. In fact, during the auction, 10% of the profit will be distributed to the holders of the Real Estate NFT licenses.

What are the risks you need to consider BEFORE purchasing NFT licenses?

Since our goal is to grow the DeXagon Metaverse exponentially, our Mission is to make potential investors aware.

Attracting knowledgeable investors and aligning those who are not financially educated will allow us to avoid creating disgruntled people within our ecosystem.

So, in addition to the benefits, let’s also talk about the cases where we advise against investing in this kind of digital assets:

1. There is no excess capital to expose to risks related to the unpredictable nature of new technologies;

2. We are in a hurry and think short term. NFT licenses are not cryptocurrencies for which supply and demand are less violent but also for the liquidity of exchanges, and there may be periods in which it is more challenging to exchange NFTs quickly;

3. You must gain essential skills to understand how decentralized assets and blockchain technology work.

In the future, many licenses will be born to regulate properties or professions in the DeXagon Metaverse; keep following the updates in this Blog not to miss any preview news!