In a major move that signals a new direction for the virtual world of Dexagon, the company has announced a partnership with Centher, a revolutionary new social network that is entirely built on blockchain technology.

This partnership is set to bring a new level of interaction and engagement to the users of Dexagon, and represents a significant step forward for the company in its quest to build the ultimate virtual world.

Centher is not your average marketplace for NFTs, it’s a complete social network that is designed to bring users together in a decentralized and secure environment, where they can interact, share and trade their NFTs.

This makes Centher the perfect partner for Dexagon, which is also focused on building a community of users who can interact and engage with each other in an immersive world.

The goal is to have a whole new level of engagement and social interaction, and allow users to truly immerse themselves in the experience: Centher s not just a platform for buying and selling NFTs but also a place where users can build relationships, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

The whole operation is a game-changer and it is expected to bring a new level of interaction and engagement to the users of Dexagon. It’s a step forward in the company’s goal of building the Immersiverse and the Sensiverse and it’s a new way for users to monetize their virtual assets and engage with other users in a decentralized and secure environment.