A metaverse like Dexagon has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital worlds. With its innovative project idea, Dexagon can offer users not only an engaging experience, allowing them to explore and especially, also invest in virtual worlds. This could lead to enormous potential yields on short- and long-term investments.

The possibilities of what can be achieved with a metaverse like Dexagon are infinite. The classic return time relating to this type of investment is about 10 years, this is also related to the incoming development of some technologies needed for hyperrealism and the progress still in place. This implies also a continuous adaptation and evolution which must necessarily go hand in hand with technological development.

In the meantime, we could see the development of virtual cities, economies, and even companies that are fed by this technology. In addition, this digital world could be used for entertainment purposes and for educational and commercial purposes. With this in mind, it is clear that investments in Dexagon could now pay significantly in the coming years.

However, because NFTs are digital property deed, they can be sold on the market at any time based on supply and demand and speculate on them, just like in the classic real estate market.

This scenario, therefore, opens up further earning opportunities for those investors who look at Dexagon with a short- medium-term time horizon.

Dexagon is definitively an exciting opportunity for investors who want to take advantage of this new technology, by having access to a potentially profitable return on their investment.