Dexagon is pleased to announce an exceptional partnership between GAV Projects and Dexagon, two leaders in the field of immersive technologies. GAV Projects will be responsible for developing the technological component for the creation of Dexagon’s metaverse, contributing to the establishment of a shared environment where digital and physical lives converge.

The decision to collaborate with GAV Projects was driven by the outstanding expertise and innovation of this startup. Being proficient in providing advanced technological solutions, the company’s main focus is indeed the creation of metaverses and immersive VR and AR applications that can be accessed via headset, PC, and mobile devices.

Several metaverses are currently being developed under GAV’s banner, satisfying numerous international and local clients, which is why the company undoubtedly appeared as the ideal partner to achieve this purpose. Ernst & Young, and the University of Naples Federico II are just some of the entities that have chosen to rely on this company, which recently received the America Innovation Award from the ITA/USA Foundation for its work.

Thanks to the collaboration with GAV Projects, Dexagon’s metaverse will feature cutting-edge technologies, impeccable performance, and an unprecedented immersive experience: a shared commitment to innovation and quality, this partnership will certainly yield extraordinary results.