DeXagon, the decentralized metaverse of the future, is poised to launch its own decentralized algorithmic stablecoin with a 2026 release date.

A stablecoin is a token that maintains its value firmly backed by the US dollar, leveraging its decentralized and algorithmic nature.

This makes this type of token suitable for providing loans and mortgages within the DeXagon Metaverse, which is the perfect environment for digital real estate to flourish.

The stablecoin will be collateralized with a mixed basket of diversified stablecoins, providing greater stability and security for users.
The management of the mixed stablecoin basket will be entrusted to an artificial intelligence algorithm that will ensure maximum efficiency and transparency. This algorithm will use data from various authoritative sources to determine the best mix of stablecoins for the basket.

The stablecoin, named USXD, will be a historic event as it will be one of the world’s first stable digital currencies designed for native use within the metaverse.

USXD will provide a reliable solution for managing value in decentralized financial markets, but will also be used within the DeXagon Metaverse as a means of payment for services and goods offered by companies.

Furthermore, USXD stablecoin will offer greater accessibility to users who want to use the metaverse as a means of payment. The stablecoin eliminates the need for currency conversion and offers users greater flexibility and ease of use.